We need to regroup as a nation. There is no need for racial issues this is unacceptable. We are Americans and to treat someone differently because of their skin color is just insane.

What the heck is happening to the USA?

Tonight as I listen to the news regarding what is going on in Baltimore I am totally in disbelief and disappointment. This should not be happening in the United States of America. I do not know what happened to Freddie Gray who died in custody, I do know something is not right with him sustaining serious spinal injuries while in custody of the police. I am bewildered that there are police that appear to have gone rogue. I am also bewildered at the businesses and homes that are now being destroyed because of it. Why can’t people act as adults? I have a feeling that Baltimore is being destroyed by outsiders because people that live there should not want their town destroyed. If police officers have done wrong and I am not making that judgment because I prefer to let the courts decide that. I believe as Americans we need to demand immediate accountability with our local police and local governments and our government on the federal level. Something is going wrong somewhere if there are so many black men being killed to begin with. This needs to become an major issue for our country to get solved immediately. We should not be a country of black race vs white race but a country of the human race with all being treated fairly and if someone breaks the law the police should let the rule of law address the situation not take it in their own hands. And here is the thing I am not saying that all police are guilty because we know for a fact we have some great police officers in our country. As we also know that we have great black men in our country. What we do know is we need to get this stopped on both sides. Trashing towns does nothing to fix the problem people. I will stand up for what is right but I have to wonder what is really right and what is going on when so much destruction is the way people want to solve this problem. People step back and breathe and let’s as a country stop this insanity and let’s stop the needless deaths and the needless destruction and looting. Let’s demand accountability instead of destruction. Yes lives matter but it the human race lives that matter.

Office Etiquette

Seriously people when one works in an office one should be respectful of those around you. What really makes people think that their co workers want to work and listen to them sing and whistle? Is it people are just ignorant or did they miss etiquette 101 growing up?

People wanting what others have

Do you ever meet people and just listen to them. So many people pretending to be something they are not. So many people live in their dream world and can not get a grasp on the real world. Over the past months I have listened to someone say how great her daughter’s boy friend was and how she just loved him. As I listened over time I heard her talking comparing her own husband to him and how she wished he was like her daughters boyfriend. It was no surprise when she announced that her husband had left her. I find the whole thing sad.


My heart just breaks for people that are hurting, whether they have messed up their lives or are being treated unfairly. People no natter what just need love inspite of themselves and their situations.


Artic Vortex

What a weird week we started with the Artic Vortex coming thru our area and leaving snow ice and freezing temps. Then torrential rain this morning then beautiful  sunny 61 degree weather this afternoon.

Christmas decorations

I must confess we do not get to caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas and  all the spending and hoopla. We enjoy the Christmas lights and decorations but to put them up and take them down when we have limited free time as it is we once again have left almost all the decorations in the  closet except for our little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. I have not even gotten to Christmas Cards hopefully by next week they will be out. This afternoon was spent working on websites and getting the laundry and house cleaning done.