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Some People are Amazing

Some people are Amazing!! And that is an understatement. I just do not understand some people at times. I sit and listen to people and there are times I want to say what the heck are you thinking making that comment in public no less.


My heart just breaks for people that are hurting, whether they have messed up their lives or are being treated unfairly. People no natter what just need love inspite of themselves and their situations.


Artic Vortex

What a weird week we started with the Artic Vortex coming thru our area and leaving snow ice and freezing temps. Then torrential rain this morning then beautiful  sunny 61 degree weather this afternoon.

Christmas decorations

I must confess we do not get to caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas and  all the spending and hoopla. We enjoy the Christmas lights and decorations but to put them up and take them down when we have limited free time as it is we once again have left almost all the decorations in the  closet except for our little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. I have not even gotten to Christmas Cards hopefully by next week they will be out. This afternoon was spent working on websites and getting the laundry and house cleaning done.

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Old Gray Cemetery

This morning we woke to the right amount of snow with just a dusting. The trees outside were and still are dusted in snow and there are a few flakes still floating around. Being a day off for me I really wanted to go to the mountains but had to do work to do for a client so I tried to think of somewhere I could go get some type of pictures. Since it was gray and creepy out this morning with the trees snow dusted it was a good day to go to the graveyard. I have wanted to go drive around the Old Gray Cemetery which is of part of the Civil War Heritage Trail here in Knoxville.  So I promised mom a trip to Sam’s Club and then said oh by the way we are going to the graveyard on the way. LOL. Got to keep the momma on her toes.


I had to laugh I was thinking how neat the head stones had weathered and how some had moss on them and mom pops out of the blue that she would come in and power wash them all. I was thinking character and she was thinking cleanliness.


Anyways I did not get the creepy affect for pictures I wanted. But as I drove around I thought about the Civil War that had brother against brother. Now there they laid some with amazing grave markers and some with simple common markers. And the ones with the elaborate head stones their bodies were just as dead and lifeless as the common markers. Did it serve them all these years later to have the biggest and best head stone? In the end what really mattered? Was it the war they fought? Was it the life they lived? In the end in reality the only thing that mattered was one of two choices that they could have made before they died.


I did not get the creepy affect I went looking for but I did get a creepy feeling wondering how many bodies buried there had souls that went to heaven or hell. There is no in between there is only one or the other and being dead it is way too late to decide. Fancy grave markers will eventually get covered in moss and crumble one day but dang eternity that is forever folks. And there is an eternity just where do you want to spend it?

Judge Jeanine

Love how Judge Jeanine calls it like it is

We have school systems gone a muck.  A president who does not tell the truth and ignores  the US Constitution. We have black youth playing a game of knock out and the media refuses to call it racial when it is but if white youth were doing it they would be all over it.
America needs prayer right now. We stand in the balance of good and evil the question is which way will America turn?